Monday, February 11, 2008

The Goat Theory

Hi. Haven't posted in a while. So I am sitting in my living room with Robin and Olivia. We just shot some band photos for Fleet Foxes tonight over at Olivia's house. Should have them up online sometime this week. Robin and I worked on a t-shirt design for their upcoming tour. I have been chipping away at the short film that we submitted to SIFF last week, trying to actually finish it and feel good about it. I am finishing an Xbox edit this week and animating at Milk in the down time. Missing toby... but heading back to New York in about 2 1/2 weeks. Racing in the Chilly Hilly Feb. 23rd. Thinking about Europe lately. I love that place so much. Aja went to Portland to interview The Helio Sequence yesterday with Kate Jackson.

Lately i have been thinking about a lot of things like the universe and the aging process and dark matter and all that. It's so funny to me the constant rate of aging and how it is always moving along at the same speed, our bodies slowly deteriorating and cells dying, but as that happens we are growing more and learning more and seeing things we have never seen before and it never seems like it is constant. Sometimes it's incredibly fast and sometimes it's achingly slow. But still the clock ticks on second by second. I guess time is just a funny thing. Like if we had no concept of time or days or calendars, we would still feel the same probably, but we would measure our age with other things around us, trees, sun, stars, animals. Why do most animals only live a fraction of the lifespan of humans? Why do we have to watch our pets die?

I guess it's just the way of the world.

Went to the Democratic congress on Saturday. It was a mad house, but quite enjoyable. Obama supporters were out in force and our precinct voted 104 - 35 in favor of Obama. I also went to see him speak at Key Arena on Friday, and I've never seen so many people out for a politician. He is a remarkable human being.

Looking forward to this week and progress on The Strange Hunger.

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Tylyn said...

im really sad. i wont be in the country to vote, and the people havn't sent me my 'vote by mail' thing but it would've been for Obama. if he doesn't win, ill be sad and think that maybe my vote would've made a difference. i hope it comes in the mail... or i hope my vote wasn't needed.