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It's been really hot in Seattle lately. Today was a little cooler though. I am finishing up a video for Elvis Perkins in Dearland. Here are some photos from last weekend. And whoever stole my bike, I will find you, or it will find its way back to me...

Monday, April 13, 2009


Walked again up through Central Park. Listened to Radiolab along the way. Sat next to the Dakota and listened to 6 strangers singing Help. Walked over and up Amsterdam, then down Broadway to 72nd and hoped train to Brooklyn. Interesting things spotted along the way: cherry blossoms, a smiling baby, runners, Toby's cousin, a bunch of people drinking after work, a man standing and holding his hand out towards me in the subway.

You Reckon?

Pretty fun website, that lets you type a script and hit the Action button and presto! An animated film. Er...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Swallowed by Trees

Walked along the promenade down through Dumbo, alongside the freeway, through the Hasidic neighborhood in Williamsburg, had some coffee on Bedford then hoped a train back to Union Square then transferred to the 5 then the 4 back to BH. It was a nice spring day today. I saw an apartment building that was completely over grown with vines and boarded up. Like it has been left abandoned for 100 years. It was like that book The World Without Us. It was funny because it was in the middle of Brooklyn, not back in the woods somewhere, or out in the country in a small town that had seen better days. No it was right next to a basketball court and a major freeway. And it was a beautiful building too. I wonder who once lived there. What they dreamt of at night. How many kids they had. Where are they now. Do they ever wander back to show someone where they grew up and discover it swallowed by trees?

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Sitting at the desk in Brooklyn on Pierrepont St. The same folks walking around outside. It's about 65 degrees here today. Quite nice actually. I am going to take a walk, then back to work.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today and yesterday were good. Aja and I drove up to the farm and cooked yam tacos for Robin and Olivia. The sun was out on the drive up, and I took a bunch of photos on the ferry. There were a lot of pre-teen couples walking around holding hands. There was a dog sitting patiently on the sun deck, some abandoned brooms left propped against a white wall, weird warning signs in bold all caps. I shot a lot of everything. It felt good. I haven't been doing that as much as I used to. And it reminded me of why I use to so much more. You look at things differently when you have a camera in your hand. I realized that when I take a photo, I am usually trying to frame and compose it like a graphic image. I think i need to move past that. I need to focus on a subject, or sit and wait for the right thing to happen. I was fixated on the inanimate for a while, the things left behind by humans. I still am, but I want to move to the animate.

We made a birthday brunch this morning, blueberry waffles, tofu scramble, coffee. Then played the video game Flower where you are the wind and the object is to pollinate flowers and rejuvenate rolling fields. It has to be the most pleasant video game ever made. Dad played it fixated for 40 minutes.
Packed up things at the house, and met some friends for a drink at Flowers. Hmmm, too many Flowers references in this post? The wind is blowing pretty hard outside at the moment. Just like the game.
Well I'm off to New York tomorrow. I will keep a detailed account of the trip on this blog. So stay tuned...



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South by Southwest

So we made it down here to Austin. The drive was really nice. I loved the misty drive through the mountains and across the desert from Bakersfield to Vegas. We stayed there for a quick nights rest at Circus Circus, the cheapest hotel room I've ever experienced at 24 dollars for a huge room with 2 queen beds. The next morning we drove across the Hoover dam, and watched the tourists and construction crews go about their business. Through Arizona, and New Mexico and across the long state of Texas to where we are now.

The film festival has pretty much given way now to the music, but it was fun while it lasted. I saw Moon, Garbage Dreams, Best Worst Movie, Troll 2, True Adolescents, Humpday, The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle, and the music video showcase. We almost missed the award show, because we were sitting down by the river but its a good thing we made it because White WInter Hymnal won the Jury Award and Jerk It won the Best Music Video award. That day was also my birthday and St. Patrick's Day and we spent the rest of the night eating sushi, and talking at the closing night party. Toby had surprised me and flew down from New York! It was so great to have her here for a couple days, we miss you.

I'm excited to have seen some really great films out of Seattle at the festival this year. It makes me feel proud to call that city home.


Tristan's Building

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