Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today and yesterday were good. Aja and I drove up to the farm and cooked yam tacos for Robin and Olivia. The sun was out on the drive up, and I took a bunch of photos on the ferry. There were a lot of pre-teen couples walking around holding hands. There was a dog sitting patiently on the sun deck, some abandoned brooms left propped against a white wall, weird warning signs in bold all caps. I shot a lot of everything. It felt good. I haven't been doing that as much as I used to. And it reminded me of why I use to so much more. You look at things differently when you have a camera in your hand. I realized that when I take a photo, I am usually trying to frame and compose it like a graphic image. I think i need to move past that. I need to focus on a subject, or sit and wait for the right thing to happen. I was fixated on the inanimate for a while, the things left behind by humans. I still am, but I want to move to the animate.

We made a birthday brunch this morning, blueberry waffles, tofu scramble, coffee. Then played the video game Flower where you are the wind and the object is to pollinate flowers and rejuvenate rolling fields. It has to be the most pleasant video game ever made. Dad played it fixated for 40 minutes.
Packed up things at the house, and met some friends for a drink at Flowers. Hmmm, too many Flowers references in this post? The wind is blowing pretty hard outside at the moment. Just like the game.
Well I'm off to New York tomorrow. I will keep a detailed account of the trip on this blog. So stay tuned...