Sunday, April 05, 2009

Swallowed by Trees

Walked along the promenade down through Dumbo, alongside the freeway, through the Hasidic neighborhood in Williamsburg, had some coffee on Bedford then hoped a train back to Union Square then transferred to the 5 then the 4 back to BH. It was a nice spring day today. I saw an apartment building that was completely over grown with vines and boarded up. Like it has been left abandoned for 100 years. It was like that book The World Without Us. It was funny because it was in the middle of Brooklyn, not back in the woods somewhere, or out in the country in a small town that had seen better days. No it was right next to a basketball court and a major freeway. And it was a beautiful building too. I wonder who once lived there. What they dreamt of at night. How many kids they had. Where are they now. Do they ever wander back to show someone where they grew up and discover it swallowed by trees?