Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You Mother Young

I am sitting up in the kitchen of our new home. Looking down at the checkered white and black floor all covered with dirt prints from the move. The flowers wilted so fast, so I put the pedals in the vase and left them on top of the fridge. I have been getting home so late at night, the house probably thinks it's still for rent. Upstairs there was a baby born the other night. I wonder if it is a boy or a girl, because I know the parents were waiting to find out. I celebrated my birthday tonight with my family, 7 days early. We talked about how twitter is taking over peoples lives, the evolution of human thought and communication getting closer and closer to telepathy, strange. I wonder how long it will be before our minds just exist in some other space, our bodies just shells. Hmm...

I am still here though getting ready for the ride to pick me up at 4am to get on the road. We are venturing down south then over east to go to a small city in a really large state. Hopefully we will see something meaningful like a goat standing on top of a cow, on the way.

I better get some sleep, at least an hour. Stay tuned for updates and images from the road.

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